Truck-n-Show, August 13th, 2011
Special Olympics Wisconsin has received generous contributions from the founding partners of
the Trucking Industry and Law Enforcement.  The Torch Run, Truck show and the Convoy in
September all work for the Athletes to make our programs successful.
Special Thanks to all who help with these events.
The Quad Graphics truck used for our
office space and a real showpiece with
its hardwood floors and leather interior.
They are a major contributor.
Big Red with its extended trailer and
digital lighted signboard live up to its
name of BIG!
The Athletes walked around the parked trucks admiring the themes painted on the
cabs and trailers.  They enjoyed the beautiful artwork and tried to pick their
favorite.  Everyone got to vote!  It was a hard decision.  They also wrote their
names on Hat brims on the hats given to the drivers that  won the auction for
parade position.
Athletes were given special medals
for participation by the truckers.
Some of the winners with our Athletes.
Athletes passed out bottles of truck
polish to the winning drivers.
We are the real winners as Special
Olympics recieved a check for
$7650 dollars from the show.
Agency 4-04    Agency Manager  Del Yerges  
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