POKER RUN, August 14th, 2011
Special Olympics Quilt  and Harley Quilt
raffles were going on outside Mischlers.
Lori helps mark
the books for the
poker run .......Did
you get them all?
Everyone going on the ride that day got safety instructions and away they go!
Later at Stooges, downtown, we enjoyed great food, good music, a lovely outdoor patio and
the company of some very good supporters of our Special Olympics program.  Prizes were
awarded  and drawings held.  Thanks Yous all around warmed our hearts.  The Athletes
handed out the winnings and drew the tickets.
Now everybody  dance!
What a great day!
Thank You Stooges, Mischlers,
and Riders!  You make our
program possible.
Agency 4-04    Agency Manager  Del Yerges  
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