ARC Endowment Committee

Bernie Hafenstein, Committe Chairperson
Gerald Cribben
Mary Wollenburg
Kathy Armstrong
Eric Clark
Jamie Henning
Donald Williams

John Rigotti
Bernie Hafenstein and Jamie Henning
Endowment Fund page
To donate to The Arc of Dodge Endowment Fund- send donation to:
The Arc of Dodge Endowment Fund
P.O. Box 173, Beaver Dam, WI 53916
Bernie Hafenstein, Endowment chairperson presenting a THANK YO
plaque to Mr. Don Kordus and Becky Kordus for starting our
Endowment Fund in memory of Don's daughter and Becky's sister,
Peggy Kordus.
     Peggy was intellectually disabled and a member of The Arc and
Special Olympics.
Don Kordus was one of The Arc of Dodge County's Founding Fathers
Congatulations to The Arc of Dodge
County Endowment scholarship award
recipient 2016
ari Schoenike