Angel Gone Home
I have never met a "Special" person that did not have a rock solid belief that there is a God, and that God
loves them. As a matter of fact, they are rock solid in everything they believe. If you don't believe me, just ask
them a question, like: How do I look? The answer you get will be the rock solid truth, whether you like it or not.

Our entire family, and many outside of it, have had that rock solid truth among  us in a very "Special" way.
We have had an Angel guiding us to things we really did not notice we learned at the time. Things like tolerance
for those who are not exactly like us, and the knowledge that Angels don't even know what a lie is, much less
tell one. Angels, you know, don't "hit you upside the head" with their lessons. They kind of slip them in when
you are not watching. Angels are that way.

Margaret Kordus.


Of all the things we learned from Peggy, I think the most important was what a hug was, and what it really
was supposed to mean. Whenever you met Peggy,  whether you were an old friend or new, the first thing
you got was a hug, and she knew if you meant it or not. If the hug was a fake, she would have known it.
But, you know, I don't think Peggy ever got a fake hug in her whole life. When Peggy hugged you for the
first time, you knew that something "Special" had just happened. See, an Angel slipped a lesson right in there
when you weren't watching.

Angels are that way.

Thank you, Margaret Kordus, for teaching us the real meaning of what true love is. Thank you, Peggy, for
teaching a brother and everyone who has ever  had a hug from you, what a hug really means.
You know, Peg, I think God  knows how to hug too. If not, well, He will now.

This is not goodby, Angel Ours. As long as the memory of you is with us, you  will be with us. Hugs will be
with us. To teach what a hug really means can  only be taught by an Angel.

May you be in peace, my beloved sister: Angel gone home.