The Arc of Dodge County is run by a volunteer Board of Directors and
Special Olympics Management Team.  The Arc has no paid employees.
Social Events
Membership Party                 Valentines Bowling Party          Spring Dance
Summer Picnic at Swan Park          Fall Banquet                      Halloween Party
Christmas Party        Spring Trip       BD Community Theater Dress rehearsal
Summer Trip
Summer Pontoon Boat Rides and Fishing on Fox Lake
Summer Baseball Game
Winter Outing     Summer Outing           
Special Olympics Sports Programs
Basketball       Power lifting       Track and Field
Swimming        Bocce                           
Bowling           Softball               Basketball Skills
Venture Scouting Program
First Aid               Crafts           Camping    
Fishing                 Outdoor Cooking         
Woodworking       Fire Safety   Insects
Wisconsin Heritage
Scholarship Programs
**Annual Scholarships awarded to members who
attend a summer camp.
**Scholarship given to high school graduate or
college student majoring in Special Education

Number of Volunteers:                               197
Number of Special Olympic Athletes:          120
Number of Annual Volunteer Hours:            6000
Number of Arc Members, families and caretakers
Served:                                                       220
Programs and Special Olympic Sports sponsored by The Arc of Dodge County:
The Arc of Dodge County  is a group composed of parents, guardians, caregiver professionals and people with
cognitive disabilities that have bonded together with a common goal. That goal is to promote the best
opportunities and enhance life for everyone. The bottom line is enhancement, enrichment and opportunities for
all. We try to achieve this goal with our programs like Special Olympics sports, competitions, social activities,
seasonal parties, field trips and teaching opportunities. We hold special interest meetings geared to many needs.
We also have many links to camps, organizations and state agencies. We encourage anyone who has been
touched by a person  with cognitive disabilities to give us a look.